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Event/Banquet Room Coming Soon!

We've been working hard behind the scenes on some new plans to better support the needs of our community and Ironwood tourists. Stay tuned because what we're about to announce is just one phase of a multi-phase plan to expand our accommodations. So here it is…

The Black River Lodge pool and hot tub facility are now permanently closed. This space is slated for demo & remodel this summer as we begin converting it to a event/banquet room to better accommodate group takeovers, retreats, reunions, weddings and more! With a more dedicated space, we will also begin welcoming smaller events like showers, birthdays, engagements, etc. We even have a few ideas for indoor activities to keep guests entertained in this space during our open lodging weekends! We know event venue options are limited in the area. Hopefully this addition, coupled with our cozy on-site lodging options, will make the perfect setup for your next get together!

Whew, now that we got that out there - a couple of things to note:

1 - Standard lodging is not going away! Rooms are still available nightly and guests can expect the same personal service, comfort and cleanliness. Come enjoy the Lodge and our beautiful property!

2 - We expect a few questions regarding event packages and availability, which we hope to share in future posts. Until then, ask away! We will answer what we can.

We appreciate all of the support you've shown us over the years and look forward to seeing you at your next gathering or trip to Ironwood.

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