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Random Innkeeper Update

Random life update... Last day of school for our little (but not so little) yahoo's! Does anyone else feel like they are running on E this week with the last days of school? This week has just been 🥴🥴🥴

If you are new here, we are a 100% family operated business... and these two very much keep us on our toes with all their activities! They are at an age where they are expected to help with the Lodge, especially now that school is out for the summer. So, you may find them at the check in window offering to carry your bags upstairs, or on the lawn mower keeping the grounds maintained, or even making beds and cleaning rooms. We have a few years before they are actual full time employees, but for now, we appreciate your patience while we get them started in the right direction.

...We push #supportsmallbusiness because we are a TRUE small business. Our family looks forward to hosting you all this summer and providing you with the best Yooper hospitality that we can!

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