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Passing of our Beloved Copper the Great Dane 🥲

We have some sad news to share and we figured many of you would want to know. Our beloved @copper_greatdane passed away overnight.

Copper was nearing 9-1/2 and was, as most of you know, the absolute star of the show around here. We believe his heart ultimately failed him this past week, though we will never truly know. Some of you who have visited in the past few weeks are probably as shocked as we are because he was quite healthy and mostly happy until the end (he hated winter😅).

Copper never really knew anything other then lodge life as he was just a pup when we moved here. He grew up along side our kids, and we have peace knowing that he lived a very full, happy, and carefree life. Thanks to all of our guests, neighbors, family & friends who have showed him nothing but love (and extra ear scratches) over the years. Also, thanks to all of our guests this weekend who have showed us an amazing amount of grace as we navigate the passing of our "third baby" and "fur-brother".

Copper the Great Dane: October 25, 2013-February 19, 2023

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