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Introducing: Worry-Free Bookings by Black River Lodge

Summer travel season is kicking off and we have an exciting announcement to make! New to Black River Lodge and the Ironwood area - Worry-Free Bookings! You won't find anything like it around here. What have you got to lose?

What is a Worry-Free Booking? Simple! Trip Insurance to protect you in the event of a cancellation for a qualifying reason. The Worry-Free Booking program will refund you 100% of your reservation with proof of reasons such as:

  • Illness / Injury

  • Pre-existing Medical Condition

  • Pregnancy Complication

  • Death of Immediate Family

  • Public Transport Failure

  • Flight disruption

  • Mechanical Breakdown

  • Adverse Weather

  • Home Emergency

  • Theft of Documents

  • Jury Service

  • Court Summons

  • Armed Forces & Emergency Services Recall

  • Relocated for Work

  • Changes to Examination Dates

Learn all about it by stopping by our Policies and FAQ page HERE.

You can read full refund terms and conditions here:

This new program is for online reservations only (though we will have capability to add this by phone for you in the future!)

All new online reservations will have this program automatically selected (however, you can remove if you wish during the booking process). Please call if you need help.

Those who have already made a reservation with us and are interested in adding this to their reservation – please get in touch with us for instructions.

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