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Grand Reveal of the Superior Room

The grand reveal of our NEW Superior Event Room!

...And all the work that went with it! 🥴😄 (video below!)

We're so proud of what we accomplished this summer.. it was NO small feat! But, we definitely wouldn't have managed without the expertise of all our wonderful contractors and vendors who worked hard to bring our plans to life. Thank you all again SO much for your help and squeezing us into your already busy schedules. Plus many friends and neighbors who helped or gave advice in their spare time. You know who you are!! 🥰

Plus, we'd like to thank our recent..*ahem* First ...bride, groom and their family for christening the space with love and good vibes (peep some pics below!)...and providing us all the patience in the world through the planning & construction process. We appreciate YOU!

With that, we have finally reached the point where we are ready to open up the calendar for consultations and 2023 event bookings! 🥳 If you are interested in learning more about our beautiful new space, please email us with your event details (ideal date(s), total people, and any other important info).


10/6 Wedding Gallery:

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